Fairmont Farm
Fairmont Farm East Montpelier & Craftsbury, VT
When she was growing up on her family’s dairy farm, Clara Ayer often rode her horse up the hill to a beautiful stand of tall pines where she later got married. Clara has returned to work full-time on the farm alongside her brother Ricky Hall, and their first cousin, Tucker Purchase, as the third generation of family farmers. They have joined Clara and Ricky’s parents, Richard and Bonnie Hall, who had gradually taken over from Richard’s parents.
Our Purpose
Impact in Depth
It takes more than quality dairy and craftsmanship to achieve Cabot’s award-winning flavors – it takes a village.  From the hundreds of farm families in our cooperative who make our products possible, to every one of our employees, we’re all united...
Liberty Hill Farm
Liberty Hill - New Cupola
The Historic Liberty Hill Farm Barn Gets an Upgrade One of Vermont’s most iconic sights occurs as you’re driving down Route 100 in Rochester and see Liberty Hill Farm’s five-story red barn rising up to greet you. A breathtaking example...
72 Hours in Vermont
72 Hours in Vermont
A weekend getaway to the idyllic landscape of Vermont. Whether you drive north along scenic interstate 89 to enter the Green Mountain state or fly into Burlington International Airport, we’ve pulled together a three-day weekend that is sure to be...
Fall in Vermont
Five Perfect Ways to Spend A Fall Day In Vermont
When the air turns crisp and the tip tops of maple trees start turning red, the best season in Vermont is upon us!  If you haven’t experienced an autumn in the green mountain state, when the name no longer applies...
3 Ways to Help Kids Tap into Gratitude
3 Ways to Help Kids Tap into Gratitude
Badges and patches create a visual scrapbook of the best moments from a scout’s year.  They can look at their badges and remember that time they mastered making a campfire, learned to write code, or participated in a learning project. ...
Women Farming
The Face of Farming: Celebrating Cabot’s Women Farmers
In 1987, we proudly dedicated our original Visitor’s Center in Cabot, Vermont to Farm Women Everywhere, and even today, our appreciation has never been stronger. Like all farmers, Cabot farm women have a variety of roles on farms, and their...
Vermont Biking and Creemee Tour
Vermont Biking and Creemee Tour
“Can I get a maple creemee please?” If you crossed into Vermont from New Hampshire, New York or Massachusetts and questioned why folks are suddenly calling soft serve ice cream “creemees” - don’t. Don’t argue or question, just accept that...
Vermont by Vermonters
We know what draws you to Vermont: maple syrup, skiing, foliage, and (of course!) the World’s Best Cheddar. Those are four pretty amazing things, and definitely worth the visit. But have you ever wondered what makes us Vermonters stay? There are...
Mountain Biking
Cabot Farmers Support Mountain Biking
This post was written & photographed by Gretchen Powers – filmmaker, photographer, and writer with a passion for storytelling and capturing the essence of a person, place or thing.  Vermont is a small but mighty state and one of its many accolades...
Whittier Farm Family
Our Cooperative's Awards
Before the awards. Before the grocery-aisle displays. Before the cool of the cheese caves. Even before the products—the best cheddar and cottage cheese and yogurt and clothbound and the rest. Before that, there was simply this: a powerful love for...
Woody Hills Farm
Woody Hills Farm Salem, NY
Change of Heart Mark Cary did not plan to be a farmer. He grew up on small dairy farm east of Saratoga Springs, one of seven children. “I knew I didn’t want to farm after long, hot days throwing hay...