Our Top Recipes Using Pimento Cheese

Our Top Recipes Using Pimento Cheese

We know how hard you work — day in and day out. And some days, we know this too: you’ve gotta treat yourself! Today is one of those days.

Of course in our opinion, the best treats are made with Cabot cheese. Pimento cheese is one of our special favorites. So why not indulge in one of these decadent pimento cheese recipes tonight? You know you deserve it!

Start with our base recipe:

The Best Pimento Cheese — this special blend of three Cabot cheddars plus our Lowfat Plain Greek Yogurt is utterly flavorful (and a lighter choice than a traditional mix because we swapped mayo for yogurt!)

Then choose how you want to treat yourself:

Stuff pimento cheese in Olives

Our recipe for Pimento Cheese Stuffed Olives serves 12 – perfect for treating others too as an appetizer or party snack.

pimento olives

Bake pimento cheese in Zucchini Cups

Serve these Baked Pimento Cheese Cups to yourself poolside or to your guests on the side of dinner.

zucchini pimento bites

Grill pimento cheese in your Grilled Cheese

Butter and bread + pimento cheese = a match made in heaven. Our recipe for Big Dish Pimento Grilled Cheese serves 20 so it’s easy to share the love.

pimento grilled cheese

Turn pimento cheese into Cheesy Bagels

If you’ve never made your own bagels, today is your day. And once you have a Cabot Baked Pimento Cheese Bagel, you will never go back to store-bought.

pimento bagels

Add Pimento Cheese to your Mac and Cheese

What’s better than Mac-and-Cheese…with pimento cheese? (We can’t think of anything…)

pimento mac n cheese

5 More delicious ways to use Pimento Cheese:

1. Spread pimento cheese on crackers

Always a classic—and classy—move: take out your favorite crackers. Add pimento cheese.

2. Fold pimento cheese into a sandwich

Elevate your every-day turkey-and-cheese with pimento cheese for next-level enjoyment!

3. Top your sliders with pimento cheese

These Bacon Cheeseburger Sliders are always a crowd-pleaser (or perfect small bites for one on a treat-yourself day!). Swap out the cheddar for pimento cheese!

4. Toss pimento cheese in your salad

5. Tuck pimento cheese into chicken calzones

This recipe a good one! And our pimento cheese is a delicious addition to these Mini Parmesan Chicken Calzones. Then again, pimento cheese is delicious paired with chicken in any form, for that matter!

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