Healthy Holiday Swaps That Don’t Sacrifice Flavor

Healthy Holiday Swaps That Don’t Sacrifice Flavor

We don’t know about you, but every year when the holidays roll around, our willpower is put to the test. With the abundance of holiday parties, family gatherings and endless treats, it’s easy to let a healthy lifestyle fall by the wayside. But that doesn’t have to be the case! A few weeks of holiday celebrations don’t have to derail a year of hard work creating healthy habits.

Instead, we encourage you to focus on simple swaps and choices that will make your holidays healthier.

Here Are Our Top 5 Healthy Holiday Survival Tips: 

Eat Breakfast. It’s easy to over-indulge at parties if you’re starving from skipping meals earlier in the day. Start your day with a protein-rich, balanced breakfast like this Baked Cheddar FrittataBaked Cheddar Frittata

Work in fresh produce whenever possible. These Sweet Potato Coins are a healthier way to satisfy your snack craving.Sweet Potato Coins with Crema

This Festive Cabot Cheddar Tree is fun to make and eat! It features tomatoes but we bet you could figure out a way to work in some other holiday-colored veggies!Festive Cheddar Christmas Tree

Add protein to your appetizers. Don’t munch mindlessly, especially on appetizers that are just carbs. Add protein to give them a little staying power! Try these Turkey Swedish Meatballs.Turkey Swedish Meatballs

Look for healthy side dishes. When you sit down to dinner, focus on healthy sides to accompany your main meal. This Reduced Fat Stuffing is a great option for your holiday table.Reduced Fat Cheddar Stuffing

These Greek Yogurt Mashed Potatoes give a classic favorite a protein boost.Greek Yogurt Mashed Potatoes

Be smart with desserts. It’s fine to enjoy desserts over the holidays, but think about what you can do to make them a little bit healthier. Making a pie? Try this Greek Yogurt Pie Crust.Greek Yogurt Pie Crust
Replace your regular whipped cream with this Greek Yogurt Whipped Cream.Whipped Yogurt Cream

Need More Ideas?! Try These:

Cabbage, Apple, Cheddar SlawCabbage, Apple, Cheddar Slaw

Light and Classic LasagnaLight and Classic Lasagna

Shrimp & Habanero QuesadillasShrimp and Habanero Quesadillas

Greek Yogurt Marbled Chocolate BrowniesGreek Yogurt Marbled Brownies

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