Living Within Our Means & Ensuring the Means To Live

Our farmers work every day to find better ways to steward their farmland.  As essential members of our food system, their purpose is a simple one: to responsibly care for their communities, their land, and their cows. 

Sustainability in our Creameries

From using upcycled water to wash out milk trucks in Cabot to our fuel efficient transport fleet, our creameries are home to a wide variety of sustainability initiatives.

Certified B Corporation

We're proud to be a part of leading a global movement for an inclusive, equitable and regenerative economy.

FARM Program

In addition to a tradition of attention to animal husbandry by our dairy farm families, we also support participation in the National Dairy FARM Program, an acronym for Farmers Assuring Responsible Management. Beyond an attention to animal care, this program also focuses on worker and environmental wellbeing.