16 Farmer Owner Sustainability Ambassadors

Our Sustainable Farms Committee works to supply all of our member farmers with the know-how to implement sustainable solutions on their own acres, on their own terms.

7 Football Fields of Cardboard Saved

That’s how much corrugated cardboard was saved annually through a sustainability project led by our Cabot Sourcing and Cut & Wrap Green Teams.

14,000 Tons of Waste Diverted 

Instead of going into the landfill, we divert organic waste into Barstow's Longview Farm’s biodigester where it helps create renewable energy and build strong soil. Learn more about our closed-loop system now.

50% Upcycled Water

Using a process that extracts water from whey through reverse osmosis, we upcycle half of all water on our Cabot Campus. The water is filtered, pasteurized, and disinfected before being used for things like cleaning out Cabot milk trucks.

6,500 Cars Off the Road 

Energy generated by our farmer-owners’ 13 anaerobic biodigesters, kept the carbon equivalent of 6,500 cars off the road.

18% More Supply Chain Efficiency 

Cabot delivery trucks average 18% higher miles per gallon than the national average. By reducing idling times, adding low resistance tires, and intentional scheduling, our efforts earned us an EPA merit award in 2021 and brownie points from Mother Nature.

3,794 Grilled Cheeses

For National Cheese Day in June, we gave away thousands of sandwiches to Cabot employees and fans for free. So much ooey-gooey greatness.

10 Years of B Corp Excellence 

To celebrate a decade of being a certified B Corp, we launched Cheddar for Better, a benefit cheese that supports essential nonprofits that align with Cabot’s commitment to nourish communities, foster cooperative relationships, and steward the land.

210,115 Pounds of Donated Products 

We are proud partners with over 15 food justice organizations who help us raise awareness around food insecurity and give more people access to delicious, nutritious dairy products.

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That's a Whole Lotta Ribbons

Cabot Creamery continues to be one of the most awarded creameries in the world, taking home over 41 awards in 2022 alone, including “best butter in America” and “Top Vintage Choice Cheddar.” Our mothers are so proud.