Our Farms

We're not just Cabot farmers, we're owners. Since 1919, we've worked to support local farmers so they can have a home for their milk, market their products, keep their land open, and give back to their communities.

Purpose in Action
Purpose in Action

Our Farm Families

Cabot is owned by dairy farm families throughout New England and New York.

since 1919
Our Farmer Legacy

Every morning, Cabot farmers get up and get to work.

Every morning since 1919, when 94 families from Cabot, Vermont, formed a cooperative to ensure their livelihood. They knew that they were stronger together than they were apart.

Today, Cabot’s farm families still have each other’s backs.

As do the 1,000+ people we employ across four creameries in three states. Supporting each other is what a cooperative is all about. We give everything we have to this life.

For our kids, our cows, our land, our communities. For the pride we take in producing the finest cheese and dairy products in the world. That’s our legacy.

But all you really need to know about Cabot history can be tasted in every slice of cheddar, side of sour cream, and spoonful of yogurt. That taste! That’s what comes from doing it the right way, every day, since 1919.

Certified B Corporation

With our vision set on sustainability and innovation, our farmers leverage innovative practices to power their farms and manufacture their products more ethically. Our mission aims to give goodness back to the planet and the future we all share.

Sustainability on Our Farms

Our farmers believe we don’t just own the land—we borrow it. We tend it until we pass it on to the next generation. Learn how Cabot farmers are investing in the future of farming.

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