Vermont Maple & Cheese - $88
Winter Fondue Kit for Two - $82
Cabot X Tony’s Chocolonely Pairing Pack - $72
Salty & Sweet Gift Pack - $82
Cheese Please Medley - $68
Pizza My Heart Kit - $70

Cheese Accessories

We offer a large selection of cheese accessories -- from storage vaults, bees wrap, slicers, graters and so much more! Add any accessory to your gift bundle purchase and make the cheese lover in your life extra happy!

Higher Standards, Better Cheese

Cabot Creamery is committed to social, environmental, and cooperative values in everything we do. Learn more about what our B Corp certification means.

All of the Yum, None of the Lactose

Cabot Cheddars are naturally aged, a process that breaks down the remaining lactose from cheese. Lactose intolerant cheese lovers rejoice!