Impact in Depth

Impact in Depth

It takes more than quality dairy and craftsmanship to achieve Cabot’s award-winning flavors – it takes a village.  From the hundreds of farm families in our cooperative who make our products possible, to every one of our employees and consumers who keep us aligned with our B-Corp values, we’re all united in making our products a force for good in the world and on every table.

Environmental Highlights

Environmental Impacts

At Cabot, our environmental stewardship starts on our farms. But it's not just what happens above ground. Our farmers understand that they can't grow quality, nutritious food for their animals without soil. That's why nearly all of our members engage in farming practices to improve soil health.


Our green teams keep us moving towards a green dream. Every one of our four creamery locations has a Green Team dedicated to supporting sustainable practices. In 2022, Cabot's Cut & Wrap Green Team led a program that resulted in a savings of nearly 419,000 sq. feet of corrugated cardboard annually, approximately the size of 7 football fields. Our Green Teams also reduced our liner weight by 38 tons, the equivalent to over 12 Ford F250 trucks, which cut down on emissions and costs.


We’re dedicated to delivering the boldest cheddar on the block in the most
thoughtful way possible. Each Cabot hauling truck is EPASmart Way Certified, with our trucks averaging 18% better gas mileage than the national average. We did this through reducing idling times, adding low resistance tires and intentional scheduling of our transport team. 

Farmer Highlights

Farmer Highlights


There's a saying that farmers prefer to learn about new innovations in farming and cow care from "across the fence." Bluntly put, they trust their fellow farmers more than anyone else. To that end, Cabot's Sustainable Farms Committee hosted a series of four webinars in 2022 featuring expert speakers and Agri-Mark member/owner panelists. Member farmers were given a platform to share knowledge and experiences, while also providing fellow member farmers with additional resources to learn and get inspired about implementing sustainable solutions in their businesses. It's just one way that our farms are using the power of the cooperative to improve and steward the land. 


Cabot Creamery is a strong organization largely in part to our structure as a
farmer-owned cooperative. Comprising hundreds of family farms in New England and New York, the co-op is broken up into 14 regions, with each region sending an elected member to be part of the co-op's Board of Directors. Beyond the Board of Directors, several committees exist in which farmers can engage in and take leadership in the co-op. It is this culture of collaboration and shared learning that makes Cabot, Cabot.


In 2022, 14,000 tons of organic waste went into Barstow's Longview Farm's
biodigester where it helps create renewable energy and build strong soil. Learn more about our closed-loop system HERE.

Community Highlights 

Community Highlights


We believe that a business is only as strong as its community. Each year, Cabot donates to rotaries and community improvement organizations surrounding our plants, administrative offices, and warehouses. Cabot employees serve as members of the rotary club, engaging in fundraisers and activities that strengthen the community. 

Cabot has been supporting VT Adaptive, an organization that empowers people of all abilities through inclusive sports and recreational programming regardless of ability to pay, for close to a decade. In winter of '21/'22, VT Adaptive launched a permanent winter sport facility at Sugarbush Resort, which includes the adaptive Cabot kitchen. 

Cabot exists to provide all people with delicious, nutritious dairy products—not just those who can afford it. We won’t stand by and let our neighbors have an empty table, which is why we have partnered with over 15 organizations across the Northeast that are focused on addressing food insecurity or food justice. 

Cabot and King Arthur Baking Company joined forces in March of 2022 to launch the “Let Good Thoughts Rise” patch program—an educational initiative that teaches kids how mindfulness can help them feel focused and relaxed as they move through the world. Created to reduce the impact of mental health stressors on school-age children as a result of the pandemic, participants learn how the simple acts of measuring, mixing, and shaping can give you a sense of calm, peace, and balance that can benefit your emotional well-being and overall health. Over 8,500 participants have completed the program so far, and we’ll be growing it even more in 2023 to be inclusive of professional development opportunities for educators, support staff, and clinicians. 

In celebration of 10 years as a certified B Corp, we launched Cheddar for Better—a limited-run series where profits benefit a non-profit that aligns with Cabot’s commitment to nourish communities, foster cooperative relationships, and steward the land. In 2022, our proceeds were donated to Hunger Free Vermont in honor of Senator Patrick Leahy's retirement as a gesture of gratitude for his support of rural communities and agriculture during his time as a U.S. Senator. We are excited to grow this program in 2023 to use our business to be an even greater force for good. Learn More here!

Employee Highlights 

Employee Highlights


We have a saying here at Cabot: Work like a Farmer. Employees see firsthand the role farmers play in our food system, and that their position at Cabot plays a part in supporting family farms in New England and New York. We think it's why they stick around and work here for just over a decade (10.6 years). That’s twice the national average, according to 2022 US Bureau of Labor Statistics Data. There are lots of other reasons to stay, too: a great company culture, benefits, a pension plan and 401K, plus a sizable discount at our retail and web stores. Cabot also offers paid tuition reimbursement, prioritizes hiring locally, and is active in the community. We encourage our employees to express their own passion for growing and supporting communities. Many are active on area boards at the industry and community level, coaching youth sports, and even mentoring the cheese industry-curious. 

From our creameries to our online presence, 2022 was a year of evolution here at Cabot. We opened a new warehouse space in Enfield, CT, which centralizes the storage of our delicious products. To share our appreciation for joining the Enfield community and demonstrate our commitment to being a good neighbor, our farmers donated $5,000 to the local food shelf. 

Cabot continues to be one of the most awarded creameries in the world, taking home over 41 awards in 2022 alone, including “best butter in America” and “Top Vintage Choice Cheddar.” Our mothers are so proud. 

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