At Cabot, we are passionate about addressing the environmental impact. We recently reduced extraneous packaging on the sides of our 8 oz. bars, but we want to do more! That's why when a grant through the Northeast Dairy Business Innovation Center became available to research sustainable packaging alternatives, we jumped at the chance to do some viability research to determine what would work best for our company.

Packaging Materials Tested:

After months of testing, we are excited to announce that we will be launching our new 8 oz. dairy bars in 30% Post Consumer Recycled Packaging (PCR) starting in late 2024. Our testing revealed that 30% PCR packaging best meets our current quality and sustainability standards. While not the end of our sustainable packaging journey, PCR packaging is an exciting transition, and the best part? Nothing you do as a Cabot cheese lover needs to change - the packaging makes the impact on it's own.

Stewardship in Action

Higher Standards, Better Cheese

Cabot Creamery is committed to social, environmental and cooperative values in everything we do. Learn more about what our B Corp certification means.

Purpose in Action Report

Our “big little co-op" represents nearly 4% of operational digesters on farms in the United States. Pictured here is Barstow's Longview Farm whose anaerobic digester generates enough electricity to churn every single stick of Cabot butter!

Barstow's Longview farm

Real Farm Power

The energy required to produce Cabot's Award-Winning Butter is generated by Barstow’s Longview Farm in Hadley, Massachusetts. These Cabot farmers produce enough electricity on their farm to churn every single stick of Cabot butter!

Values in Action

Sustainable Farming

For Cabot farmers sustainability is a a way of life. For generations, our farmers have always found better ways to power our farms and care for the land and water.

Sustainability in our Creameries

Our creameries are home to a wide variety of sustainability initiatives, paying particular attention to energy, water and waste.

Our Upcycling Hacks