Farmer Hodge's Dairy
Farmer Hodge's Dairy Fairlee, VT
There is deep history on the Hodge farm. It is officially a Century Farm, having been run continuously by the family since 1846. Herb and Bev, who are proud nonagenarians, have been married for over sixty years. Their daughter, Cindy Frazee and her husband, Russ, have taken over the daily farm operations but the Hodges still keep a sharp eye on things.
Emergo Farm
Emergo Farm Danville, VT

At Emergo Farm Bed & Breakfast, guests can enjoy a relaxing country vacation with beautiful views and a warm farm-family welcome to a sixth-generation dairy operation. The farm dates back to 1858 when Bebo Webster’s great-great-great grandparents began farming in Vermont’s Northeast Kingdom. The original barns were built in the 1890s with craftsmanship you don’t see much anymore, fastened with the pegs of traditional post-and-beam construction. Visitors can even see the original outhouse, although they don’t have to use it.

Elm Farm, LLC
Elm Farm, LLC Woodstock, CT
For well over a century, Peckhams have farmed in Woodstock. Matt Peckham’s great-great-great-grandfather, Amos Peckham, and his son, Samuel Howard Peckham, settled in the town and started their dairy delivering milk door-to-door to their neighbors. While they honor the past, Matt and his wifeChrissy, also have a strong eye on the future.
Echo Farm Puddings
Echo Farm Puddings Hinsdale, NH
The Hodge sisters are first-generation farmers who fell in love with the work and the animals as youngsters. The girls were barely teenagers when their parents bought Echo Farm to fulfill their own dream of moving to the country. The family’s small farm is “a 4-H project gone haywire,” jokes Beth, the oldest. It was their father, a CPA and financial planner, who “pushed for pudding,”
Coon Brothers Farm
Coon Brothers Farm Amenia, NY
Three generations of Coons currently work on the family dairy in the bucolic Smithfield Valley about 100 miles north of New York City. Since the farm began as Smithfield GuernseysDirck Coon and his sons, Peter and Dave have been joined by Peter’s sons, Isaac and Amos, who work together with other family members and employees to milk about 350 cows, care for another 250 young stock and raise a variety of crops.
Conant Acres
Conant Acres Canton, ME
Situated in the picturesque Androscoggin River Valley in the western Maine foothills, four generations of the Conant family work together. The slogan at Conant Acres is “Where Families Come First” and this is evident not only in the deeply pedigreed herd, but also in the people who care for the cows. In the early 1970’s, Duane Conant concentrated his efforts on purchasing promising young registered Holsteins, which led to a worldwide reputation and many awards for the family farm.
Clessons River Farm
Clessons River Farm Buckland, MA
Melissa Griffin grew up the fifth generation on her family’s Buckland, Massachusetts farm and returned to join her parents, Paul and Judy Willis, after earning a master’s degree in trumpet performanceThe father-daughter team gets help from their wife and mom, Judy, as well as Melissa’s husband, Adam, who both hold down off-farm jobs. 
Champlainside Farm
Champlainside Farm Bridport, VT
Tim and Julie Howlett raised their five daughters on the family farm where Tim’s grandfather settled more than 70 years ago. The family lives in the house he grew up in and Tim always planned to stick around and become a farmer.
Richardson Family Farm
Richardson Family Farm Hartland, VT
Tucked into the rolling hills of central Vermont is a picture-perfect farm with a herd of caramel-colored Jersey cows, beautiful wooden barns and a sugarhouse with artfully piled firewood. Along with their dad, Gordon, Scott Richardson and his younger brother Reid now run the farm their great-grandparents bought over a century ago.
Porterdale Farm
Porterdale Farm Adams Center, NY
Greg is the third generation on Porterdale Farms, and he has never wanted to be anywhere else. Lisa was also raised on a New York dairy farm and the couple met in college in farm finance class.The Porters raised three kids on the farm; their youngest, a daughter, is studying agriculture and might come home to farm. The couple also feels lucky to own and operate the farm with Greg’s younger cousin, Stephen Porter and his wife, Angela.
Percy's Bouchard Farm
Percy's Bouchard Farm Stowe, VT
Paul was born on his family’s farm and his son Ryan, the fourth generation, came home recently after a decade spent in California to join his father on the farm. Taking advantage of plentiful visitors year-round, Paul and his wife Lee also run a maple syrup operation and grow a corn maze for the busy fall leaf-peeping season. They rarely lose a visitor, Paul jokes: “I don’t make it that complicated.”
PAPAS Dairy LLC North Bangor, NY
The Poupore brothers run PAPAS Dairy in North Bangor, New York, and the name of the farm is a shout out to their father and an acronym for the five siblings. Peter, Alan, Patrick, Aaron, and Scott initially ran the family’s operation. PAPAS Dairy is a large operation with 2,100 milkers, about 2,100 young stock, and 4,000 acres of land. They grow corn silage and haylage, and with some 4,200 cows to feed, they use every bit of it on the farm.