Cabot offers free and fun educational programs for
classrooms, scout troops, afterschool, FFA and 4-H programs. Why? Because Cabot is all about the good, from products to practices, and from people to purpose. By taking part in these activities, you’re helping spread the good in your community.
Find out which program we’re currently offering below.

B Corp Patch

Discover how B Corps make a positive impact in their communities, and how your group, troop, or classroom can do the same. Kids will learn how they can support their environment, make their community stronger, and contribute to a healthier world.

Patch Programs

We offer select patches each year that align with our cooperative values. Learn about the importance of pollinators and a sustainable future with the Pollinator and Sustainability patches. Responsibly explore the great outdoors and learn about Cabot Farmers with the Happy Camper and Farm Love patches. Teach kids about the importance of gratitude and practicing mindfulness with the Let Good Thoughts Rise and Gratitude Patch.

Cooking with Kids

Cooking with children of all ages is a great way to involve them in mealtime, teach them about healthy eating and educate them about kitchen and food safety.

Grate Questions

Why does cheese smell? To understand the science of the stink, a good place to start is with the art of cheesemaking.

Family Friendly Recipes