Kid-Friendly Snacks That Are Good – And Good for You

Kid-Friendly Snacks That Are Good – And Good for You

Now that the school year is underway and school activities are gearing up, healthy snacking can be a challenge. The options for between-meal refreshments are plentiful, but not always as wholesome and nutritious as they should be.

At Cabot, we believe that teaching children about healthy snacking can set them on the path to good nutrition for a lifetime.

Here are some of our favorite kids snack recipes – they’re fun, flavorful and so easy to prepare!

Busy lives sometimes require snacks on the go. Try these tasty take-alongs for your next snack outing.

Tips for Making Healthy Snack Choices

  1. Power with protein. Protein is a healthy choice to help kids keep hunger at bay. Cheese, lean meat, eggs, and nuts are all smart snack ideas for kids.
  2. Snack imaginatively. Let your kids help plan healthy snacks. Get creative with choices and presentation.
  3. Shop together. Take time on the weekends to involve the whole family in making healthy food choices, especially for snack foods.
  4. Read labels. Check the nutrition facts on prepared foods. Just because it says “low-fat” or “fat-free” does not mean it’s healthy. Help you kids become informed consumers.
  5. Be prepared. Have healthy snacking choices like fresh fruit and veggies, washed, cut up and ready to go.
  6. Teach healthy snacking habits. Limit snacks to the kitchen. Avoid snacking during screen time. Avoid snacking after dinnertime.
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