Farmer Hodge's Dairy Fairlee, VT

Farmer Hodge's Dairy Fairlee, VT


There is deep history on the Hodge farm. It is officially a Century Farm, having been run continuously by the family since 1846. Herb and Bev, who are proud nonagenarians, have been married for over sixty years. Their daughter, Cindy Frazee and her husband, Russ, have taken over the daily farm operations but the Hodges still keep a sharp eye on things. “My dad can run the whole farm from the porch,” Cindy says with a smile.

Entrepreneurial Energy

For the Hodges, dairy farming also means being entrepreneurs. The family has a large roadside stand where customers come from miles around to purchase their maple syrup, Vermont crafts, hanging flower baskets from their greenhouse, and, of course, Cabot cheese. In winter, their Christmas House offers handmade wreaths—for which Bev still cuts the brushand other decorations, along with trees.


The next generation, Cindy and Russ’s grown kids, Mark and Maegan, come home when they can to help out“We are very blessed on the farm,” reflects Herb. “It’s a beautiful place and it’s been a great place to raise a family.” His daughter Cindy echoes that: When I came home from college, I got to work with my dad. To be able to do a job that you truly love with family, it’s just everything.”

You can see what’s going on throughout the year at Farmer Hodge’s on their Facebook page.

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