The Farm at Wheeler Mountain Barton, VT
The Farm at Wheeler Mountain Barton, VT
Shared Love, Different Breeds When Joanna and Adam Lidback first bonded over their mutual love of cows they overcame the fact that he was a Holstein guy and she was a Jersey girl. Today, their blended herd at The Farm...
Sweet Pea Farm
Sweet Pea Farm at the House of Hayes North Granby, CT
Mixed Herd On Cabot farms, a mixed herd generally means the farmers have cows beyond the classic black and white-splotched Holsteins. At the Hayes family’s Sweet Pea Farm, on the other hand, it could describe the fact that they raise...
Stuart Farm  Stratham, NH
Stuart Farm Stratham, NH
Love of Nature A shared love of nature first brought John Merrill and Lorraine Stuart Merrill together as college students. “John grew up hiking in the White Mountains, working on trail crews in the summer. I’d spent my childhood on...
Scholten Dairy  Baldwinsville, NY
Scholten Dairy Baldwinsville, NY
Perseverance A devastating barn fire, a new highway built through their farm, suburban development pressure—the Scholtens have been through a lot since Adriena and Jacob Scholten left their native Holland as newlyweds in 1959. They first landed in Iowa where...
Sanctuary Dairy Farm Sunapee, NH
Sanctuary Dairy Farm Sunapee, NH
Ice Cream Dreams At the age of nine, tenth-generation dairy farmer Beck Johnson had a dream. Like lots of kids, he dreamt of ice cream—but in this case, he wanted to make it, not just eat it. And so Sanctuary...
Rupert Valley Holsteins West Rupert, VT
Rupert Valley Holsteins West Rupert, VT
Family Working Together Mark and Mike Lourie are twin brothers who own Rupert Valley Holsteins Farm in West Rupert, Vermont. They have about 400 milkers and 275 young stock, and manage about 850 acres of cropland. Mark manages farm finances and employees; Mike handles the crops and...
Chambers Farm LLC
Chambers Farm, LLC Heuvelton, NY
A Family Tradition As the Chambers Farm sign proudly proclaims, farming has been “a family tradition” since 1898—and the tradition continues. The baton has passed into the hands of Dan Chambers, who grew up the second youngest of six kids and eventually joined his parents, Ken and Peg, to keep...
Caverly Farms
Caverly Farms Clinton, ME
From 4-H to 400 Milkers The Caverly Farm started out close to 75 years ago as a small 4-H project for the family, a passion that has grown into a multi-generation business. In 1962, Frank Caverly formed a partnership with his brothers EC and...
A. Ooms & Sons Dairy Farm
A. Ooms & Sons Dairy Farm Valatie, NY
American Dream With a farming history dating back to the 15th century in his native Netherlands, Adrian Ooms immigrated to the United States in 1950 on his own quest for the American Dream. He found it in the fertile Hudson River...
FarmLove: Cabot Farmers on the Road
Summer road trips are a tradition for lots of families—and the Cabot family is no exception.    And one thing we know for sure, you should never go on a road trip without snacks. Preferably of the cheesy kind. 😉  Cabot farmer-owner...
Foster Farm Family
FarmLove – Foster Brothers Farm | Sustainability
Bob Foster has been on the leading edge of dairy diversification since the early 1980s. He coined the term “Cow Power” when he saw the opportunity to source clean-burning, environmentally safe, abundant energy from right under his feet…literally. The Fosters were...
Four Hills Farm
Four Hills Farm Bristol, VT

There are many rolling hills in the pastoral landscape around Four Hills Farm, but its name actually refers to a different kind of hill entirely. The four Hill siblings – Ron, Brian, Joanne and Kevin – purchased the family farm from their parents, Jeanette and Robert, who are technically retired, but still involved. There are even three from the next generation of Hills back on the farm after each earned a degree in different aspect of agriculture: Elizabeth and Britney, Brian’s daughters, and Megan, Ron’s oldest.