Stuart Farm  Stratham, NH

Stuart Farm Stratham, NH

Love of Nature
A shared love of nature first brought John Merrill and Lorraine Stuart Merrill together as college students. “John grew up hiking in the White Mountains, working on trail crews in the summer. I’d spent my childhood on the farm, always outside, exploring,” Lorraine says. “We found we had a lot in common.” Over the next forty years—on land purchased by Lorraine’s parents, aunt and uncle in 1961—the family has built a thriving dairy business guided by principles of conservation and stewardship.

“It’s hard to imagine not farming, not working with the land." - LORRAINE STUART MERRILL

Future for Agriculture
In addition, Lorraine proudly used to serve as the New Hampshire Commissioner of Agriculture, the state’s highest agricultural role with responsibility for shaping policy. “I was fortunate to have a job that allowed me to stay connected to our farm, while also working to ensure a viable future for agriculture in New Hampshire,” she says.
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