How to Make a Butter Candle

How to Make a Butter Candle

You may or may not have seen the latest viral trend of edible candles - specifically Butter Candles. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered (even if you haven’t seen the TikTok candle)! Made from compound butter, a butter candle will light up your evening, and our how-to guide is here to help make it happen.

What is a butter candle? A butter candle is a fun, melty twist on the traditional appetizer of bread and butter and it’s the perfect way to add flare to your next party. Follow the steps below on how to make the TikTok candle trend everyone is raving about. We will take you through the steps to make edible butter candles, including four different flavors: a garlic butter candle, a cinnamon sugar-coated butter candle, an herby butter candle, and an easy “everything bagel” coated butter candle. For more detailed instructions on making edible candles, check out our Garlic Butter Candle recipe.

What You’ll Need: Start by gathering needed supplies: an edible (or food safe) wick* (this is key for making cooking candles), a paper cup, your favorite Cabot Creamery Butter (softened), any toppings or fixings you prefer and yummy fresh bread for dipping! 

(*How do you make edible wicks? We used a natural hemp wick coated in beeswax for our edible candle wick.)

Make the Compound Butter: If you decide to add extra flavor (like garlic) to your butter, now is the time to mix it into your softened butter. If you have seen any of the homemade butter TikTok videos, you will find a variety of options. You will just want to be sure that it is all butter edible! You can also use our Compound Butter Guide for flavor inspiration.

Assemble the Candle: Cut a hole in the bottom of the paper cup large enough to run the edible wick through. String the wick through the cup. Fill the cup with softened butter, making sure the wick stays centered in the candle. Place the butter candle in the fridge or freezer until it hardens.

Serve it Up: Flip the butter candle out of the paper cup or cut off using scissors or sharp knife. Cut the end of the wick so it is appropriate candle length.

For extra flavor try rolling your butter candle in herbs or spices of your choice. In addition to making the Garlic Butter Candle, we also rolled our butter candles in cinnamon-sugar, a combination of our favorite chopped herbs, and everything bagel seasoning. The great thing about a homemade butter candle is not only the fact that it is a fun spin-off of retro food trends, but also that it’s a delicious dip for breads that you can make your own way!  

Light the candle: Let the butter candle get nice and melted. Dip your favorite bread into the melted butter and enjoy!

Dip bread in melty butter candle
This interactive food is both a unique appetizer and a cozy winter side dish that will be sure to impress all your guests. Thank you for following along on our guide on how to make food candles. We hope you enjoy the TikTok butter candle as a fun and festive addition to your table.

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