Image of Football Cheese Board

Football Cheese Board




12 to 15

Prep Time

15 minutes

This Football Cheese Board is a perfect game day recipe for any crowd. Score big points for creativity with this clever idea for the big game – turn your appetizer spread into a football! Layer and arrange two kinds of Cabot cheddar into the shape of a football, complete with cheesy laces. Serve with your favorite cracker for the win!


Image of Football Cheese Board


  1. CUT yellow cheddar into small cubes of about ½-inch square.

  2. ARRANGE the cubes on a cheese board or platter, stacking them in two or three layers to create football shape. Decorate top with strips of white cheddar to make laces.

  3. ARRANGE the crackers around the football on the board or platter. Serve with your favorite dip and veggies on the side.