ShopRite & Cabot: Pedaling for Good!

ShopRite & Cabot: Pedaling for Good!

The challenge was made and accepted. Cabot and their friends at ShopRite came together for the “Pedal for Good ShopRite Store Challenge.” Seven stores invited their customers to ride the Cabot human–powered bike blender to create delicious Cabot Greek-style Vanilla Been Yogurt Smoothies.

Cabot Smoothie Bike

We asked each store to rack up as many miles as they could on the blender bike. Cabot pledged to donate 200 pounds of Cheddar Cheese to the winning store’s food pantry of choice. We also pledged an additional 50 pounds of Cabot Cheddar for the favorite food pantries of each of the six other stores.

Cabot Smoothie Bike

ShopRite RD Rachel and her sister Claire

It was a winning situation for everyone who participated. Not only did local food pantries benefit, ShopRite customers got a chance to sample delicious, healthy smoothies made with Cabot Greek-Style Vanilla Bean Yogurt. Here’s a recipe for one of our favorites, the Chocolate Peanut Butter Banana Smoothie.


The spirited competition began on April 26 at the Greater Morristown Area ShopRite and ended on June 14 at the store in Hillsborough. There were so many fun, family-friendly things to do at each event which celebrated the spirit of community and the spirit of Earth Day. The festivities included an Earth Day scavenger hunt, reusable shopping bag exchange, children’s green bean seed planting class, cooking demonstrations, organic wine sampling for the adults, and juice bar samples for all.


The results are in and here is the mileage posted by each participating ShopRite store:

40.4 miles – Greater Morristown ShopRite – Interfaith Food Pantry

40.7 miles – Bernardsville ShopRite – Community Food Bank of NJ

50.2 miles – Livingston ShopRite – Community Food Bank of NJ

57.5 miles – Union ShopRite – Community Food Bank of NJ

72.2 miles – Washington ShopRite – Community Food Pantry of Washington

71.9 miles – West Orange ShopRite – West Orange Food Bank

Each of these stores will have 50 pounds of Cabot Cheddar donated to their food banks in their honor.

And the winner of the Pedaling for Good Challenge with 82 miles is the Hillsborough ShopRite in Hillsborough NJ! Two hundred pounds of Cabot Cheddar will be donated to Bentley Community Services in Belle Mead, NJ.

Cabot Smoothie Bike at ShopRite

Congratulations to everyone who participated. The farm families who own Cabot appreciate the spirit of fun and community our partners at ShopRite and their customers brought to this event.

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