Sustainability Patch

Sustainability Patch

Cabot’s Small Steps Toward Sustainability program encourages all groups to make small changes toward a more sustainable home and community.Sustainability Patch
The activities teach kids how to reduce energy and food waste, to reuse food scraps with composting, and to recycle and up-cycle common items. By the end, your group will understand what sustainability is and how it can make your community (and planet) healthier.

"The girls were very excited to participate in the program. This is the most enthusiastic I have seen them about a patch activity so far. We are looking forward to seeing how our mini-composting pile changes in the coming weeks."
- Sara C., Valrico, FL

Downloadable file links for the Sustainability Patch & Booklet
Complete Booklet
Sustainability Patch

Once your group has completed the activities, please fill out the online survey in order to receive your FREE patches.

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