Wine and Cheese Pairings

Wine and Cheese Pairings

Enjoy pairing tips and ideas for planning the perfect party.

When pairing a glass of wine with a cheese, don’t over think it as there aren’t really many pairings that don’t work, especially with Cabot cheeses, since they’re all made with high-quality ingredients. If you’re looking for a few wine and cheese ideas, remember the basic rule: the stronger the wine, the stronger the cheese.

Explore the World of Wine & Cheese Pairings

One great way is to host a wine and cheese pairing party with a variety of different wines and Cabot cheeses – it’s fun to compare and contrast everybody’s favorites. Just remember, any wine and cheese that you like together is your perfect pairing!

Wine and Cheese

Wine Pairing Suggestions
White Wine & Young = Creamy Cheeses
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Red Wine & Strong = Aged Cheeses
Try our Vintage Choice Cheddar
Off-Dry White Wines = Spicy Cheeses
Try our Habanero Cheddar
Light Bodied Wines = Light Cheeses
Try our Garlic Herb
Full Bodied Wines = Heavier Cheeses
Try our New York Extra Sharp

It’s most important to find the right cheese that highlights your wine of choice and fits with your particular taste. Click on the different wine varieties below to learn more.

Rosé and Cheese

The bright flavors of rosé can range from light and sweet to dry and nuanced – you’ll be delighted with how beautifully our cheddars highlight the flavors of rosés.

Habanero and Rose

Sample Like a Pro

See the color of the wine: 
As white wine ages the color gets darker, and as red wine ages the color gets lighter. Color tells you what type of grape was used & can help you determine how light or full bodied the wine will taste/feel. The lighter the color, like rose wines, the lighter the wine should feel in your mouth. The flavor of the wine should complement the cheese. If you have a strong, full-bodied wine, you should pair it with a potent cheese, like sharp cheddar.  

Swirl & coat the side of the glass: 
This will allow the wine to open up and release aromas for the next step.

Smell or sniff the wine:
When trying a certain wine for the first time, it’s important that you take in its scent. Wines give off very particular aromas, and when a person breathes in those scents, their taste receptors become active. And since you’re pairing wine and cheese, don’t be afraid to sniff your cheese too, since that will help you to better describe the flavors.

Sip and you’ll taste: 
Enjoy the sweet (sugar in grapes), sour (fruit acid in grapes), & bitter (from alcohol & tannins).

The Ultimate Pairing Guide

Red Wine and Seriously Sharp Cheddar

Grilled Cheese & Wine Pairing Ideas

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Wine and Grilled Cheese

Fruit & Cheese is the ultimate pair! Explore our Pear & Cheese Pairing guide today.

Pear and Cheddar

Beer & Cheese Pairings are an ultimate favorite, explore our pairing guide now!

Beer and Cheese

Get our delicious Apple & Cheese Pairings here!

Cheddar and Apple

Making the Perfect Cheese Board

Check out our How to Make a Cheese Board infographic to help you prepare for any occasion!


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