Fall Hiking in VT

Fall Hiking in VT

When the air turns crisp and the tip tops of maple trees start turning red, the best season in Vermont is upon us! 

If you haven’t experienced an autumn in the green mountain state, when the name no longer applies and the hills turn crimson, pumpkin and goldenrod, it is truly not to be missed. Whether you like to enjoy the foliage by getting amongst it on the steep hiking trails, or prefer a more mellow walk through the woods, there are hikes for all abilities and levels of enthusiasm from all over the state listed below.  

Fall Foliage

Akin to last autumns community collaborative Stick Season story, I polled my Instagram community once again to gather their favorite fall hikes in VT. These span from full day adventures to mellow afternoon outings and cover mountains and valleys all over the state. This is just the beginning of my favorite hiking season - the trails continue to get quieter as the leaves fall, and the views and fresh chilly air are good for the soul.  Enjoy the later sunrise times for a dawn adventure before it gets too icy - just be sure to wear orange as it’s hunting season, pack micro spikes for snow/ice up high and lots of extra layers and perhaps a thermos of hot apple cider to keep warm. If you go solo, make sure to tell someone where you are going!

Fall Hiking

Find all of the hikes below on AllTrails for trailhead directions, hike descriptions and recent trail conditions.

Mount Tom - Woodstock

The Pinnacle - Putney

Skylight Pond - Ripton

Moosalamoo - Salisbury

Mt. Mansfield - Stowe/Underhill Center

Mount Pisgah - Westmore

Mount Hunger - Waterbury 

Camels Hump - Huntington 

Sterling Pond - Stowe

Mt. Horrid & The Great Cliff - Brandon 

Snake Mtn - Bridport 

Burke Mtn Fire Tower - East Burke

Colchester Pond - Colchester

Bromley Mtn - Stratton 

Belden Falls - New Haven

Elmore Fire Tower - Morrisville 

Burnt Rock Mountain - North Fayston

Harmon Hill - Woodford 

Catamount Family Center - Williston

 Cabot Cheese Snack Sticks

My favorite part of hiking in the fall, besides the beautiful fallen leaves and an excuse to wear my favorite cozy layers, is coming back inside afterwards making a hot cuppa tea, cider or cocoa and cozying up with a good book or a board game with friends.  A cheese and charcuterie board with a pot of soup is a great way to end a fantastic fall day.

Fall Hiking

This post was written & photographed by Gretchen Powers – filmmaker, photographer, and writer with a passion for storytelling and capturing the essence of a person, place or thing. 

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