Hidden View Farm  Champlain, NY

Hidden View Farm Champlain, NY

“In our blood”

Farming goes back to at least the early 1800’s for the Tetreaults, now in their third century of making a living off the land. “It’s in our blood,” says Dale who, with his brothers Dan and Done, took on full responsibility for the family farm in the 1980s. The next generation is well represented by Don’s daughter, Amanda, and his son, Brenton. Dan’s two children, Matthew and Victoria, also work on the farm and Victoria has been elected to be a Young Co-operators representative in the co-op’s program for next-generation farmers. “We have a long tradition of passing our land down from generation to generation,” says Dale. “We hope to do the same for our kids in the years ahead.”

Hidden View Farm


When their dad, John Paul, first bought the farm in 1953, he had a few hundred acres and milked only 20 cows. It was hand to mouth in the early years, and he often had to borrow bolts from one piece of equipment to get another one to run. How things have changed. As the farm has grown, it has been featured in Eastern Dairy Business Magazine and Hoards Dairyman for the Tetreaults accomplishments and management practices. They are especially proud that they have never purchased a single cow, but built the herd through their own careful breeding program.

Home Team(s)

If there’s one thing the Tetreault brothers are as passionate about as dairy farming, it just might be hockey. They all played growing up and continue to follow the sport avidly. Surprisingly, though, they support different teams. While their dad, John Paul, rooted for the Rangers, Dan pulls for the Islanders, and Don and Dale are Sabres fans. Funnily enough, the nearest hockey team, the Montreal Canadians, is only 40 miles away from their farm. “At least we managed to support New York teams, even if not the same one,” says Dale with a chuckle.

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