Cheesy Hot Dog Trends for the Summer

Cheesy Hot Dog Trends for the Summer

We love classic BBQ's filled with cheeseburgers, hotdogs and all of the sides, but we've been seeing some very fun and creative ways to elevate your hotdogs this summer!

1. Cheesy Spiral Hotdog:

We first saw this trend from Carolina Gelen where she made the most mezmerizing spiraled hotdog! We couldn't get enough, and while this one does take a little practice on the technique of spiraling, it's worth the effort. We took our spiral dog and melted shredded cheddar inside the spirals for an extra crispy cheesy bite. We served ours on butter lettuce, for a little balance of course!

Cheesy Spiral Hot Dog

2. Upside Down Puff Pastry Dog

This trend of using store-bought puff pastry as canvas for just about any filling is genius. We've tried it with apples and cheddar, and it's delicious. We came across this hot dog version and knew we had to make it ours with cheddar cheese, and we were not disappointed! Easy, elevated, and super delicious.

Upside Down Puff Pastry Hot Dog

3. Cheese Crusted Hot Dog Bun

We're obessed with the trend of putting a cheese crust on just about everything. We made a grilled cheese with cheese crust on the outside, and that gave us an idea - cheese crust on your hotdog bun! This is a simple way to make a classic hot dog just a little more special.

Cheese Crusted Hot Dog Bun

So there you have it - three trending ways to take your hotdogs up a notch! Don't forget to round out your BBQ with a variety of sides. Get our favorite side dish recipes here.

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