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Find the perfect gift for a loved one, our naturally lactose-free cheese will be love at first bite.

Naturally Lactose-Free

Cabot cheddar cheese is naturally lactose-free. And it’s all made possible through the time-honored tradition of naturally aging cheddar.

Cabot Farmers'
Co-op Legacy

Cabot farmers all want the same thing: to provide for our families, give back to our communities, and produce the world’s finest dairy products. Go behind the scenes and explore our farmer-owned co-op.

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Certified B Corporation

We are proud to be the first B Corp certified dairy co-op. With our vision set on sustainability and innovation, our farmers leverage innovative practices to power their farms and manufacture their products more ethically.

Award-Winning Cheese & Dairy Products

Gets Cheddar
Than This

Our cheese and dairy products are sustainably sourced and produced with love using only the highest quality ingredients. We like to think that’s why they’ve won every major award for taste. Using a craft that’s equal parts art and science, our cheese graders decide what mouthwatering variety each cheese becomes.

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