How to Serve, Enjoy & Store Cabot Cheese

How to Serve, Enjoy & Store Cabot Cheese

Whether you’re hosting a party of ten or catering to a party of one (you + your couch + your cheese board), you want to make sure your Cabot cheddar tastes its best. Follow these 5 tips on how to serve, enjoy and store cheese properly. 

Step 1.

Choose a cheese board to display your favorite Cabot cheddars on. We love these stone slabs from American Stonecraft. They source stones from the fields of local farmers (including Tully Farm – which is a Cabot family farm!)
Cabot Cheddar Cheese Board

Step 2.

Bring your cheddar to room temperature before you enjoy it. This will take some patience on your part. Yes, Cabot cheddar is delicious straight out of the fridge, but for the richest possible flavor, texture and aroma, letting it come to room temperature is crucial. You’ll want to leave your cheese to “rest” covered—but out of the fridge—for at least an hour. We repeat, up to an hour out of the fridge is best, but if you dig in before, we won’t point fingers! 


Step 3.

Serve your cheddar with delicious pairings. Get inspired by one of these spreads: 
Farmers' Party Cheese Board
Cabot Cheddar Cheese Board
Special Occasion Cheese Board
Cabot Cheddar Cheese Board
Gourmet Cheese Board

Gourmet Cheese Platter

Click here to check out our ultimate cheese pairing guide to select Charcuterie, Fruit, Herbs, Nuts, Spreads, Wine, Beer and Vegetables to pair with a variety of Cabot's award-winning cheeses.

Step 4.

Ready to wrap things up? The best way to store Cabot cheese is in its original wrapper then wrapped loosely in plastic wrap. This helps the cheese retain its moisture and allows it to “breathe.” Another cheese wrap option we love is re-usable Bees Wrap, made in Vermont, and a fellow B Corporation.  
Watch how we like to wrap things up.


Step 5.

The best spot for cheese storage is the coldest part of your fridge. That’s usually not your dairy drawer (surprise!), but rather the back of your refrigerator. Cabot Cheddar will keep for several months in the fridge! Though who are we kidding? Most likely you’ll be buying a new block of cheddar before the month is out. 
See more ways to use Cabot cheddar with these great recipes. 
Cabot Cheddar and Crackers Recipe

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Our naturally-aged cheddars have 0g of lactose per serving! So go ahead, dig in.

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