Vegetable & Cheese Pairings

Vegetable & Cheese Pairings

When you think of cheese and vegetables together, you might conjure up uninspired images of dry carrot sticks, under-ripe cherry tomatoes, and old cubed cheese. We say banish that image and get inspired!

With some creativity, veggie and cheese pairings can be some of the most dynamic ways to discover new flavors and enjoy our farmers’ best cheeses. Raw veggies create wonderful, crunchy bites when paired with bold cheeses, but it’s those pickled, roasted, and sun-dried vegetable flavors that often create the most dazzling flavor experiences. Pairing vegetables with cheese also offers a great way to explore texture, discovering how different levels of smoothness and crunch can complement or contrast for delectable culinary discoveries that will make you see vegetables in a delicious new light.

Vermont Sharp + Roasted Red Pepper

Vermont Sharp’s slight acidity and full-flavored, buttery tang goes great with the tender, subtle sweetness of roasted red peppers. Fold grated Vermont Sharp Cheddar Cheese and diced roasted red peppers into an omelet for an extraordinary breakfast.

Vermont Sharp and Roasted Red Pepper

Farmhouse Reserve + Pickled Radishes

Farmhouse Reserve’s sharp sophistication pairs perfectly with vibrant, tangy pickled radishes. Top rye cocktail bread with slices of Farmhouse Reserve Chedddar Cheese, cream cheese, and pickled radishes for a refreshingly tangy and creamy canapé. 

Extra Sharp + Eggplant

Extra Sharp’s citrusy tang perfectly complements the cool flavor and mild acidity of eggplant. Top scored eggplant halves with grated Extra Sharp Cheddar Cheese, drizzle with tomato sauce, bake, and garnish with chopped basil for a delicious, unexpected side dish. Get More Side Dishes

Extra Sharp and Eggplant

Lite50 Sharp + Portobello 

Lite50 Sharp Cheddar’s creamy smoothness is pure heaven paired with the earthy meatiness of Portobellos. Top Portobellos with pizza sauce and grated Lite50 Sharp Cheddar and bake for a fun twist on pizza night.

Seriously Sharp + Sun Dried Tomatoes 

Seriously Sharp’s bold flavor is the perfect match for the intensely sweet tanginess of sun dried tomatoes. Combine shredded Seriously Sharp Cheddar Cheese, chopped sun dried tomatoes, cream cheese, and chives for an unbelievable spread to serve with crackers.

Monterey Jack + Kimchi

Monterey Jack’s mild creaminess offsets sour, spicy kimchi for a combination that’s unexpectedly delicious. Layer Monterey Jack Cheese and Kimchi between two slices of your favorite bread to make an unforgettable grilled cheese.

Still hungry for more? Explore our full cheese pairing guide to discover how to enjoy award-winning Cabot cheese with almost any kitchen sidekick—or to build a magazine worthy cheese board. Also check out our Meatless Grilling for Summer Recipes to discover more recipes that feature the wonderful taste of grilled vegetables.

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