How to Make a Cheese Board

How to Make a Cheese Board

A cheese board is the ultimate showcase for our farmers’ bold, award-winning cheddars. We’ll help you choose luscious cheese & fruit pairings, plus sweet and crunchy elements, for the perfect DIY cheese board.

How to Make a Cheese Board

Delicious tips from the experts

Use a variety of cheese: It is fun to compare different cheeses. Select a variety of different cheddar cheese to compare and contrast with one another.

Choose ingredients with contrasting textures: From buttery ripe pears to crunchy walnuts, having a variety of crunchy, creamy, and soft textures builds interest. It is fun to try different flavor pairings.

Add something spicy: Whether it’s pickled cherry peppers or a spicy cheese, adding a fiery kick will please the heat lovers!

Include a sweet element: In addition to fresh and dried fruit, we like to drizzle honey over our bites of cheeses. The unexpected sweetness offers a delicious complement to the savory notes.

Contrast flavors: Adding in a tart, salty, and briny element like olives, pickled vegetables or cornichons helps to pep up the tastes!

Arrange in clusters: When you’re ready to build your cheese board, it’s easiest to build it where you plan to serve it. Arrange the board by separating the cheeses evenly and fill in the gaps with clusters of the other elements. Finish by tucking crackers and breads where they’ll fit. 

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