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How to Serve Cheese Like a Pro

How to Serve Cheese Like a Pro

From wood to slate, there’s a lot to consider when choosing the perfect cheese board platter for your next cheeseboard. Our guide to cheese platters will make sure your luscious creations not only taste delicious—but look amazing.

Wood Cheese Boards

Versatile, economical, and easy to clean, wooden cheese boards are great for everyday serving. They’re tough enough to cut on, and age well when cared for properly. Choose unvarnished, non-porous hardwoods that won’t absorb odors or oils such as olive, birch, cherry, and maple.

Slate Cheese Boards

Naturally beautiful, and not overly expensive, you can write on slate cheese boards with chalk, which makes them fun for entertaining. Slate is easy to clean and maintain, though scratches easily, so consider pre-slicing cheeses.

Ceramic Cheese Boards

Similar to stone, ceramic platters can be cooled to keep cheeses fresher for longer. They’re dishwasher safe for easy cleaning and, best of all, have a handcrafted, rustic charm that’s sure to get your guests talking as they nibble. 

Marble Cheese Boards

Stone boards, made of marble or granite, offer natural beauty and refined elegance. Marble stays cool even in warm weather, making it great for serving cheese outdoors. It’s porous, so be sure to clean well after each use.  

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