Osborne Family Farm Sharon Springs, NY

Osborne Family Farm Sharon Springs, NY

Beyond American Gothic

Brothers John and Bruce Osborne, Bruce’s wife Dale, and son Bradley farm in the East Central New York region of Cherry Valley. The farm has been recognized as a 25 year “Dairy of Distinction” for farmstead appearance and are recipients of the “Super Milk” award for maintaining high quality milk standards. The Osbornes have been part of the Cabot farm family since 1978. The family members work closely together on every decision, Bruce says. “There has to be consensus, whether we’re picking out varieties of corn or buying equipment.” When the Osbornes started considering investing in the latest milking technology, “We listened to a lot of people and visited a lot of farms,” Bruce says. “We’re patient and analytical. We sometimes do things slowly but we try to think them through.” The family eventually invested in a pair of robotic milking units. “Farming is not The American Gothic anymore,” Bruce explains. “There is not one right way to farm; we try to maintain the best of traditional farming practices, while taking advantage of current technology. Robotic milking has been good for the cows and good for us as a family.”

Transplanting Roots

Although the Osbornes look to the future, they are also proud of their traditional history. Bruce and John’s parents, Clayton and Anna, raised their own family on their Hudson Valley dairy farm until the family moved together to Cherry Valley in 1990. “This was the only way to keep farmingWe had to move because of suburban sprawl. Veterinary services became limited, the land base was limited, and housing developments were encroaching,” Bruce details. “That was a tough move. The family goes back in the area since the mid1700s.”


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