Healthy Dinner Recipes for Two

Healthy Dinner Recipes for Two

One of the most frustrating experiences of home cooking is throwing away uneaten food. Whether it’s a dish that disappointed or maybe not that many mouths to feed, nobody enjoys wasting food. Yet finding really good, healthy recipes tailored for two can be a challenge.

And that’s where our savvy team of food fanatics and registered dietitians at Cabot can help. We combed our recipe archives to find a few of our best small batch meals that deliver on taste, but skimp on servings. We’ve also provided our top tips for perfectly portioned meals. A win-win combo for any family or couple currently setting a table for two.

Tips for Cooking for Two

Make meal planning a priority. (We know, we say this a lot. But it’s so true!) Going shopping without a plan may lead to a cart filled with good buys, (think Buy One Get One) but is that REALLY what you need most if you’re only cooking for two? Taking time to plan will save you time and money… and ensure you have just what you need to make smaller meals.

Get friendly with frozen food. There’s no denying we love fresh from the garden fruits and vegetables, but keeping frozen options on hand helps you portion out just what you need for those dinner for two meals.

Say to yourself “Single Servings Are OK." Bulk buying has the appeal of being cheaper and reducing packaging. But for smaller households, those purchases can often lead to food waste. So while it’s true you may end up with a bit more packaging, we believe the benefit of reducing food waste offsets this issue, plus it tends to reduce your spending overall.

Make your ingredients multi-task. Instead of buying multiple of similar ingredients (think spinach, kale and lettuce, for instance), consider how only one of these ingredients might work the entire week. Example: You could use fresh spinach for salads, as a topping for sandwiches, sautéed as a side dish with fish and then in a soup at the end of the week.

Recipes for Two

Grilled Portobello Caps

Oven Roasted Salmon with Cabot Cheddar Polenta

Oven Roasted Salmon with Cabot Cheddar Polenta

Roasted Roots Power Bowl with White Oak Cheddar

Roasted Roots Power Bowl

Bulgur Cheddar Risotto

Bulger Cheddar Rissoto

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