Easy Camping Meals for the Whole Family

Easy Camping Meals for the Whole Family

Campfires. S’mores. Stargazing. Sleeping bags. Nothing beats a family camping trip for summertime fun. Though it takes some planning and packing to get ready for the great outdoors, once you get the perfect fire built and sit down for a luscious meal with your favorite people, it’s all worth it.  

To help keep your summer adventures extra delicious, our farmers’ have created some scrumptious new camping recipes, from gooey nachos to mouthwatering egg sammies. They’re easy to prepare and all feature the bold, mouthwatering bite of the World’s Best Cheddar, which is about to become your camping trip’s secret weapon. Move over, marshmallows!


Camp Stove Skillet Enchiladas

This one-skillet wonder comes together easily on a portable camp stove. Made with zesty enchilada sauce, black beans, and our farmers’ creamy, spicy Pepper Jack, this recipe adds a Southwestern touch to an easy camp dinner. 

Foil Nachos

Foil Packet Nachos

Nachos are good just about anywhere, but when you whip up our deliciously simple foil packet version, your family will know they’re in for a treat. Made with green chilis, black olives, spicy jalapeños, and a hearty handful of Cabot’s Two State Farmers’ Shreds, these campfire nachos come out molten, crispy, and perfect. 

Cheese Sticks


To make your meal planning and snacking even more convenient, our farmers’ Sliced Cheeses, easy-to-sprinkle Shreds, and pre-sliced Cracker Cuts make cooking with Cabot a breeze. And don’t forget to bring along plenty of our Snack Snacks, which put the world’s best cheeses in a grab-and-go size you can enjoy anywhere, whether you’re chatting around the fire, paddling around the lake, or enjoying a hike. 

Wondering how to plan and pack for your upcoming camping trip? We’ve put together a list of 7 ways to pack like a pro so that you have everything you need and arrive at your camp site in style.  

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