Creative Ideas for Your Next Wine & Cheese Party

Creative Ideas for Your Next Wine & Cheese Party

We asked some of our fellow Cabot team members to tell us about their favorite wine and cheese pairings. As you can see, their ideas are all over the cheese board.

I guess you’d say that my motto with wine and cheese is ‘Go Big or Go Home.’ One of my all-time favorite Cabot cheese varieties is the Habanero Cheddar. It’s not for the faint of heart, but the flavor explosion leaves a lasting impression and is the perfect pairing with Prosecco. They may seem like unlikely companions on your plate, but in your mouth the crisp, refreshing bubbles are a welcome contrast to this creamy-heat combo.

Regan Jones – Cabot Registered Dietitian

I love pairing my favorite cheese from the Farmers’ Legacy Collection, New York Vintage, with a white wine such as a Riesling. A fruity and semi-dry taste from this wine paired with a bold sharp cheddar cheese with complex undertones and a tart finish is absolutely delicious!

Danielle Poirier – Cabot e-Commerce & Web Manager

There’s nothing better than a chilled glass of dry Rosé in the summertime. Rosé pairs well with one of my favorite cheeses from the Farmers’ Legacy Collection, White Oak Cheddar. The creamy subtle sweetness of this cheddar is lovely with the strawberry, raspberry, and citrus notes in the Rosé. I always add fresh fruit, and something salty to the cheeseboard – so naturally I sliced a Gala apple, and a handful of some crunchy Pretzel Crisps. It’s so easy to pull together this cheeseboard, and everyone will love it – no matter what night of the week it is.

Rachael Clark  – Cabot Content Manager

Vino Verde with Alpine Cheddar
Vino Verde is light and fruity with a hint of natural bubbles. It pairs delightfully with my very favorite, Alpine Cheddar, from the Cabot Farmers’ Legacy Collection. What makes them a perfect pair? It’s the mildly sharp and slightly crunchy texture of the cheese made even mellower with the totally subtle taste of the wine. I’ll never be a food writer, but I know what I like. Throw in some dark, rich chocolate and call it a night.

Wendy Scherer – Cabot Social Media Team

Strawberries, Wine and Cheese
What goes better with a bottle of wine from a friend than some amazing cheese? A lovely red zin was a perfect complement to the creamy, deep flavor of Cabot’s Monterey Jack. The pairing is a little unconventional, a little unexpected and a little bit of perfection with some summer strawberries. I love going a bit against the grain and choosing this mellow, subtle cheese certainly paid off, and the strawberries added a little sweet zing.

Jenni Tilton Flood – Cabot Farmer

At our house, we’re pretty happy sticking with our tried-and-true favorites, so we often find ourselves enjoying a bar of Cabot Seriously Sharp Cheddar along with some seriously spicy hard salami. I balance the bite of the sharp cheese and the kick of the salami with a fruit-forward Pinot Noir. Throw in a few plump dried apricots for a hint of sweetness and you have the perfectly paired party!

Carolyn Kingston – National Events & Programs

I just love the taste of a perfectly ripe, juicy peach with a class of cold, light Pinot Grigio. The addition of my favorite, Cabot Horseradish Cheddar, takes this combination to a whole new level of deliciousness. Not only does this outstanding cheddar offer a bit of a horseradish kick, its surprisingly creamy texture doesn’t overwhelm the other more delicate flavors.

Kelly Littlefield - Brand Marketing Director

Wine and cheese – It’s hard to think of one without the other, and a glass of your favorite wine paired with one of the many amazing flavors of The World’s Best Cheddar – well that’s a combination almost impossible to top. There is magic that happens when you serve Cabot Cheddar with your favorite wine. And there’s no right or wrong combo; let your imagination and your taste buds be your guide. 

Remember the basic rule: the stronger the wine, the stronger the cheese. So, if you’re sampling a hearty red wine like a Cabernet Sauvignon, pair the wine with a strong cheese, like Cabot’s Vintage Choice Cheddar or even some Clothbound Cheddar. Although, again, there really is no wrong way to pair wine and cheese.

There’s all sorts of goodness on our Ultimate Cheese Pairings Guide.

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