A stunning cheese board is an easy way to wow guests.

Cheddar Green
Bean Casserole

Our most popular side dish ever.

Greek Yogurt
Mashed Potatoes

The creamiest addition to this classic side.

Holiday Recipes

Higher Standards, Better Cheese

Cabot Creamery is committed to social, environmental and co-op values in everything we do. Learn more about what our B Corp certification means.

All of the Yum, None of the Lactose

Did you know that Cabot cheddars contain 0g of lactose? yes, we're serious! Cabot Cheddars are naturally aged, a process that breaks down the remaining lactose from cheese.

since 1919

Meet our Farm Family Owners

For over 100 years Cabot's farm families have been producing the highest quality milk to make our award-winning dairy products

A Commitment to Quality

Cabot farmers have always believed that delicious products are the reward of a job well done. And that by working together, we can build a stronger tomorrow for future generations.

Cheese Grading 101

Using a craft that’s equal parts art and science, our graders decide what mouthwatering variety each cheese becomes. Every vat of Cabot cheese is graded throughout it's life in our aging facilities. Gina, pictured here, is one of our Cheese Graders. Sometimes she samples up to 100 cheeses a day! Learn what it's like to work in this dream job.