Queso Dip: A Cheesy Delight Perfect for Game Day Snacking

Queso Dip: A Cheesy Delight Perfect for Game Day Snacking

You've probably seen queso on restaurant menus and popping up in headlines for popular recipes getting shared online. But what is it?

Queso Dip

What Is Queso?

Put simply, it's cheese. Specifically, gooey melted cheese that gets a flavor boost from chili peppers or other seasonings and additions.

It's believed that this original version of the dip originated in Texas in the early part of the 20th century. Since then, queso has become a crowd-pleasing appetizer or side dish that's spread across the country.

Queso is incredibly versatile, welcomed as part of a meal in a fancy restaurant or at a Superbowl party with family and friends. Plus, it's easy to switch up the taste to please your palate. Queso fundido, made from white cheese melted over the top of chorizo, is another well-loved version.

Today, both orange queso and white queso are common, with some recipes adding meat and other components for a more complex dish and deeper flavor profile. Learn more about the different types of queso, how to make it, and check out some fun and tasty recipes to try.

Types of Queso Dip

There are many kinds of queso, from the original to queso blanco to queso with meat. No matter which version you prefer, keep in mind that the types of cheese used when making queso determine the color and taste of the final dip. Select your cheese carefully, as some create a thinner cheese sauce while others melt into a rich and gooey consistency. Some varieties to consider include:

You can even experiment with gouda or another creamy cheese that melts easily into a velvety smooth texture. There's nearly an endless number of extra additions and toppings to add to your queso to spice it up and make it even more interesting.

Green chilies and tomatoes are the traditional choice. If you like some extra heat, you can opt for jalapenos instead. An easy way to up the flavor is with a dash of spice, such as chili powder, cumin, or garlic.

Another amazing twist to the traditional recipe is queso dip with meat. Ground beef or sausage both add savory flavor and extra protein to create a more filling dip. Best of all, queso is simple to make. It only takes a few ingredients and a bit of time.

Start off by learning how to make a basic queso dip and then get creative by personalizing your recipe. You can even adapt your favorite recipe to make a crock pot queso dip you can put together in seconds to have a warm and satisfying appetizer ready to serve your guests.

How to Make Queso

Making queso is easy! Most recipes follow the same basic cooking instructions:

  • Melt butter in a saucepan
  • Add flour and stir
  • Add cheese and stir until melted (Here’s our guide on how to melt cheese!)
  • Stir in your chilies or other seasonings

You can also microwave the ingredients, stirring occasionally, until the cheese is melted into a smooth texture. Are you ready to try out some outstanding queso recipes? These are sure to hit the spot at your next family game night, potluck, or party.

Chile Con Queso

A game-day favorite, this Chili Con Queso has plenty of melted cheese ramped up with sour cream and tomato salsa. It's a simple queso you can make in minutes that is sure to satisfy your guests.

Cottage Cheese Queso

Cottage Queso Cheese Sauce is a unique take on queso. This recipe uses cottage cheese, garlic, and chipotle peppers in adobo sauce. It's made in the microwave so you can have it ready to serve in no time.

Chili Con Queso

Excite your taste buds with Monterey Jack Chile Con Queso Dip. This awesome dip uses a blend of Monterey jack and cream cheese spiced up with jalapeno peppers, hot sauce, and seasonings.

 Instant Pot Chile Con Queso

This Instant Pot Chile Con Queso Dip will soon be a new favorite. A delicious combination of cheddar, pepper jack, and cream cheese melts into a gooey delight while onion, garlic, chilis, and spices add a wonderful depth of flavor.

Queso Fundido

Do you want to try an elevated version of queso? Queso Fundido with Sausage & Caramelized Onions is definitely a recipe you'll want to try. With savory sausage and onions, plus sauerkraut and lager beer, the complex flavors meld together to create a savory, cheesy dip that will vanish quickly.

Bonus Game Day Recipes

Looking for more great recipes to impress your friends? Try these!

Italian Cheddar Dip

  • Hot Italian Cheddar Dip: Three kinds of cheddar cheese, cream cheese, spices, tomato, and red onion are a winning combination in this baked dip.

Air Fryer Hot Wings

  • Air Fryer Hot Wings: Is any game day complete without chicken wings? Use your air fryer to make this classic to avoid the hassle of deep frying. Don't forget to mix up the yogurt dipping sauce for a cool pairing to ease the heat of the hot sauce.

Buffalo Chicken Dip

  • Buffalo Chicken Dip: Chicken wings in dip form is just as tasty and less messy to eat. Combine Cabot Cheddar cheese, cream cheese, ranch dressing, hot sauce, and chicken into a baking dish and slide into the oven for a hot dip perfect for any gathering. Use a rotisserie chicken to cut down on prep time.

Football Cheese Board

  • Football Cheese Board: Show off your creative side when you serve up this spin on the classic game day cheese and crackers. All you need is cubed yellow cheddar cheese and white cheddar cut into laces to arrange in the shape of a football. Serve with your favorite crackers.

Black Bean Cheese Dip

  • Black Bean Chili Dip: This cheesy, savory baked dip is lactose-free! Mix  Lite50 Sharp Cheddar with a can of black beans, corn, salsa, green chilis, and chili powder, and bake until melted and bubbly.

Easy to prepare and made for a crowd, any one of these can make you a hit on the next game day you host.

Queso Dip with Cabot Creamery

Queso is a cinch to make and a crowd-pleasing addition to any get-together. Anyone can learn to make a killer queso fundido, whether you're a 5-star chef or novice home cook. Shop Cabot's excellent cheeses and try your hand at making a creamy queso dip or another of our favorite recipes.

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